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Bill Hodgson

Managing Director, Brandex Publishing

Bill has worked in the capital markets since November 1991 when he worked at Salomon Brothers on a Repo system. Since then, working for banks, infrastructure companies and software firms within the OTC derivatives market, Bill has delivered projects large and small.

Bill created the OTC Space website in 2011 as a personal blog during a time of rapid regulatory change. In 2014 the site became a commercial business and focussed on publishing stories from inside the market by experts.

Bill joined Brandex in 2018 to extend the services available to customers, and provide an integrated approach to marketing and lead generation.

Bill Hodgson:
Brandex Publishing:
Brandex Publishing:
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OTC Space:

Jake Smith

Managing Director, Brandex Financial

Jake has worked in Capital Markets for more than 20 years, delivering integrated brand, marketing and PR campaigns for FinTechs, RegTechs, Banks, Exchanges, Trading Platforms, Brokerages and Consultants.

Always looking to innovate and improve, he set up Brandex Financial in 2014 to combine his interests of FinTech, RegTech and Capital Markets.

During his career he has worked for J.P. Morgan, Citi and HSBC, delivering marketing and PR campaigns, promoting foreign exchange, fixed income, cash management and trade services to corporate and financial institution clients around the world.

Jake Smith:

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Julian Steedman

Chairman, Brandex Group

Julian has developed Brand Experience over the last 20 years and takes overall responsibility for the Brandex family of companies. His expertise and wide-ranging experience in creating and developing international corporate brands began with his training in graphic design.

'Originally trained as a Graphic Designer, I now consider myself brand architect and ideas generator for a wide range of UK and international companies. I have delivered in 17 countries around the world spanning North and South America, Europe, EMEA and Asia.

I have a particular skill-set in product development, brand, advertising and marketing within the insurance and financial services sectors.

As Group Chairman, I also have overall responsibility for the Brandex family of businesses which includes: Brand Experience, Brandex Insight, Brandex Financial, Brandex Publishing, Brandex Digital and Brandex iMarkets.'

Julian Steedman:

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Brandex Publishing is the new home of The OTC Space news site and part of the Brandex Group. Brandex Publishing can deliver a full marketing service with The OTC Space as a brand development and lead generation component where needed.

Engaging a capital markets audience isn't simple, as the people you want engagement from are short of time and ignore poor quality content. With our combined experience of marketing, public relations and domain knowledge we believe we can deliver a better result from your investment in marketing. 

To see what we've done for other clients, visit our projects page, or the websites for Brandex or Brandex Financial to learn more.

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branding & design

Visual design, logos, fonts, colour palettes,  print,  exhibitions, office interiors, websites


Audience analysis, core messages, elevator pitch, value proposition, competitor analysis


Strategy, authoring, copywriting, distribution


Conceptual design, wireframes and clickable prototypes, on-line stores, build, test, deployment and hosting, maintenance


Keyword analysis, traffic sources, search engine performance (seo), website analysis, paid traffic campaigns (such as pay-per-click, LinkedIn and Twitter)


Layered content strategy, landing pages, gated content, progressive profiling, on-line tracking, scoring, qualification and pipeline management

public relations

Media engagement, press releases, crisis management, content creation, awards

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