Apple Versus Marketers Takes a New Turn with iCloud+

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In todays 2021 WWDC video the battle of Apple versus Marketers took a new turn. We are all plagued with email spam, and one technique which Apple is adopting (but not new) is to provide randomised email addresses which you use to sign-up for websites. By using a different randomised email address (such as you can then tell who’s leaked your address and either block it or replace it. And with iCloud+ users of Macs, iPads and iPhones can choose whether Mail reveals your IP address, location or whether you opened an email – making marketing automation a good deal harder.

On top of that, another new service Private Relay will deliver your IP traffic over encrypted and randomised servers making it impossible for anyone (whether hacker or marketer) to associate your browsing history with you. Once all this is in place, plus the privacy features introduced to block third party cookie tracking – the balance of power for Apple users very much swings in their favour, against the businesses which rely on scraping, storing and reselling your data.

For marketers, it means they must rely on attracting the attention of prospects using high quality content, and rely less on tracking behaviour and more on goodwill? Read more at the Guardian (and many other sites).