Content may be King. Execution comes a close second. Planning and thought are what makes marketing deliver results.

With many campaigns content is needed to attract traffic and engage with your target audience. Your audience responds to personal and sometimes emotional writing to achieve authenticity. Enable your audience to understand your firm and what it stands for. Give them good reasons to enagage, then figure out who are the real leads.


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know your


Understanding your target customer is key. What do they want, but how do they get there?


target your


Opinion pieces gather a some clicks, but the best content is in context of your customers


build your


Make sure people know what to say when asked about your firm. Paint a strong picture of what you do.




Go beyond simple website stats and understand where and when prospects visit your site

our Discovery Process


How well do all your stakeholders understand your business? We have provided some surprising answers to our clients by engaging:

  • Staff
  • Customers
  • Prospects
  • Partners

Our discovery process provides valuable input to your Brand, your Website, your Content Strategy and eventually Sales.


know your audience

With many campaigns content is needed to attract traffic and engage with your target audience. Your audience responds to personal and sometimes emotional writing to get a response.

  • What do they care about?
  • What would you say to their face?
  • What stops them from engaging?

target your content

Is your campaign for a month, a year or longer? Like any good story teller, plan your narrative with a long view. Write for specific individuals and get into the detail.

  • Avoid repeating what others have said
  • Show you have your own story to tell
  • Stand out from the crowd

build your brand

What would people say about your firm now? Can they go beyond one short sentance? What does your firm stand for? Build your reputational foundations

  • Explain why your firm exists
  • Give your audience a reasons to believe in your goals
  • Keep a sense of humour

generate leads

A primary goal of investing in marketing is sales leads. Long term planning to build email lists using gated content enables qualification.

  • What qualifies a contact to become a lead?
  • How do you nurture contacts to become leads?
  • How do you organise and track conversions?

marketing automation

Brandex Publishing is a Silver Partner with SharpSpring, a cost effective automation platform.  SharpSpring gives insights into your leads to qualify them. Before you pick up the phone or send an email, be informed about their engagement with your firm.

Automation can:

  • Track prospects across your on-line platforms
  • Assign a score to their engagements
  • Provide customised intelligent nuturing
  • Track contacts, leads and prospects in an integrated team-based environment

Automation platforms are expensive. Read a feature and price report comparison between SharpSpring and five other platforms including HubSpot, Marketo, Act-on, Salesforce Pardot and InfusionSoft. Read the comparison report

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Audience analysis, core messages, elevator pitch, value proposition, competitor analysis


Strategy, authoring, copywriting, distribution


Conceptual design, wireframes and clickable prototypes, on-line stores, build, test, deployment and hosting, maintenance


Keyword analysis, traffic sources, search engine performance (seo), website analysis, paid traffic campaigns (such as pay-per-click, LinkedIn and Twitter)


Layered content strategy, landing pages, gated content, progressive profiling, on-line tracking, scoring, qualification and pipeline management

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Media engagement, press releases, crisis management, content creation, awards

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