Cassini Systems Re-brand and Marketing Automation

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Brandex worked with Cassini Systems to re-brand their visual appearance and create new assets including document templates, business cards and the website. Step one was re-imagining their logo and carrying forward colours from their previous design. Step two was establishing a visual style with abstract images, a colour palette and fonts.

Step three was considering the customer journey on the website. To engage readers we planned content on specific roles and business challenges. These pages link back to products offered by Cassini Systems, in context of the subject matter.

We enhanced website navigation using a floating sidebar to give access to the main areas of content. Try it for yourself on the Cassini website here, look for the Explore icon on the right.

We also worked with Cassini Systems on marketing automation, using the SharpSpring platform. SharpSpring integrates with the Cassini Systems website to manage emails, forms and workflow. By using a shared CRM database the team can coordinate all their customer marketing and sales activity.

Insights from SharpSpring improve how Cassini Systems engages prospects and existing clients. Sending them information they should find relevant. Not sending them information they’ve already seen.

For more information about how to use marketing automation alongside customer journey planning, get in touch.

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