Back Links Matter

10 Tips to Plan a Positive Back Links Strategy

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Back links remains a key indicator to Google of the value of your content. Not only incoming links but outgoing links, these form a pattern like a road network leading to authoritative content. Top tips from the infographic below are: Do Put links in the body of a page (which have more value than in the footer) Tag links as …

Price Bailey Content Hub

Charlotte Willis Marketing

Price Bailey latest business insights personalised Brandex was asked by award-winning accountancy and business advisory firm, Price Bailey, to design and build a bespoke digital Content Hub. The brief was to create a standalone site containing Price Bailey’s content, in a refreshed brand style, with a user login functionality enabling the visitor to filter their view in line with their …

Cart Abandonment Reasons

Cart Abandonment is a Problem – 5 Ways to Solve It

Charlotte Willis Marketing

Cart Abandonment Cart abandonment is when visitors to your ecommerce site add items to their shopping cart but leave before completing their purchase. Any items added to the cart are considered “abandoned”. Cart abandonment rate is an important metric as a high abandonment rate can indicate poor user experience and reducing cart abandonment will lead to more sales and revenue. …

Brandex Publishing Receives Gold Certification in SharpSpring Partner Certification Program

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Brandex Publishing Receives Gold Certification in SharpSpring Partner Certification Program. Through this program, SharpSpring, Inc. (NASDAQ: SHSP), a global provider of cloud-based marketing and email software solutions, empowers its partners to become experts in marketing automation and rewards top performers with referrals, certification badges and additional resources. Brandex Publishing met all of the requirements within the gold tier of the …

Brand Building BrandEx Publishing

What is Brand Building?

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During his daily commute after breakfast, Dan makes sure to stop by the convenience store to pick up a bag of his favorite snack, Dino Crunch. Dan is a loyal Dino Crunch customer and recommends Dino Crunch to all his friends. He purchases a bag at every opportunity. Dan likes Dino Crunch for its taste, texture and price tag – …

Conversion Optimisation with Neil Patel and SharpSpring

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At a recent webinar Rick Carlson CEO of SharpSpring talked with Neil Patel on conversion optimisation – in other words getting a positive outcome from engaging with your target audience. I wanted to summarise Neil’s thoughts here to help others consider his advice. Go Omni-channel – the number of platforms from which traffic can be sent has increased – if …

Does Your Hosting Have Built-in Bot Protection?

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Website hosting is nearly as important as the website itself. A poor host can cause operational and security issues making even the best site perform badly. Brandex Publishing is an enthusiastic user of CloudWays, which provide a choice of server platforms but take responsibility to keep the servers up to date and secure. A new feature from CloudWays adds a …

SharpSpring: Sales Dialler

Bill Marketing, Automation

SharpSpring our marketing automation platform has added an integrated Sales Dialler function. The telephony is integrated into the platform, no software to install Make phone calls direct from a persons contact record Optionally choose to record the calls for later playback (with the consent of the receiver) Transcription of the audio into text making the call readable for quick notes …

Advanced Common Sense for Copy Writing

Bill Marketing

A blog post by Tim Tucker shows examples of using verbs to almost ‘command’ people to respond to products. I guess when writing copy you need to actively adopt this way of writing, as intuition would usually guide the tone towards something less aggressive. Tim’s examples don’t stray into an offensive tone, but do put a ‘call to action’ into …