High Frequency Website Hosting is Great News

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Website hosting can be found at many providers, and in many service models. We choose to use Cloudways as they manage the servers keeping them up to date, secure and configured for optimum performance.

Cloudways have now announced the next step in high frequency website hosting by offering the new Vultr HF servers over and above the standard Vultr platform. Cloudways published a post comparing the standard and HF servers which show performance gains in most cases. In their charts there is an odd crossover in the comparison for 8GB servers which makes no sense. Later in their comparison I/O throughput shows double performance over standard servers from Digital Ocean and Vultr themselves.

What is High Frequency Website Hosting?

Renting a server with a standard configuration is the same as renting a regular PC. The difference with a high frequency website hosting server is that the CPU operates at a higher clock rate (in this case 3Ghz) and the disc storage is solid state rather than a spinning disk. The combination of a fast CPU with solid-state storage means tasks fly along far more quickly.

The Gains

High frequency website hosting I/O performance

High frequency website hosting I/O performance

More I/O performance means delivering pages quicker, and keeping visitors on your site. Google make it clear that fractions of a second make a difference to bounce rates – nobody wants to view a slow website.

For e-Commerce stores the higher I/O rate means orders are processed more quickly and your site can support more customers for less cost.

Find out more from Brandex about hosting your website, and our approach to maintenance including security, backups, updates and performance.