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I want to improve our marketing strategy.

  • I want a strong map of the target firms and roles we want to sell to
  • I want to a content map and approach to reach out to our prospects
  • I want to map out the engagement journey with our content
  • I want to know what our competitors are doing and where we stand
  • I want a traffic generation strategy
  • I want world class ideas on for our marketing
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I want to build our brand value.

  • I want a strong corporate narrative
  • I want a strong brand visual image
  • I want our communications to look coordinated
  • I want our public presence to look great
  • I want to communicate our brand story
  • I want us to look better than our competitors
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I want on-line traffic using great content.

  • I want to understand the minds of our prospects and customers
  • I want to publish content across a variety of on-line platforms
  • I want to use video to explain our business
  • I want to make sure our website is performing well
  • I want help creating the right content
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I want on-line traffic using paid options.

  • I want to receive traffic on specific keyword searches
  • I want to display banner adverts to prospects
  • I want to use social platforms to create traffic
  • I need great artwork designed
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I want high efficiency team work.

  • I want a single platform to share data on customers and prospects in my team
  • I want to track the activity of prospects and customers
  • I want to segregate and understand prospects and customers
  • I want to automate engagement with customers and prospects
  • I want quantifiable outcomes to my marketing investment
  • I want to integrate our emails and website to deliver results
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Whether your project is tiny or huge, Brandex has the experience and capabilities to handle it. We love talking about new projects; ask us for ideas and advice.

branding & design

Visual design, logos, fonts, colour palettes,  print,  exhibitions, office interiors, websites


Audience analysis, core messages, elevator pitch, value proposition, competitor analysis


Strategy, authoring, copywriting, distribution


Conceptual design, wireframes and clickable prototypes, on-line stores, build, test, deployment and hosting, maintenance


Keyword analysis, traffic sources, search engine performance (seo), website analysis, paid traffic campaigns (such as pay-per-click, LinkedIn and Twitter)


Layered content strategy, landing pages, gated content, progressive profiling, on-line tracking, scoring, qualification and pipeline management

public relations

Media engagement, press releases, crisis management, content creation, awards

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