Web Technology Apprentice Vacancy

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Brandex would like to add a Web Technology Apprentice to our web technology team. The long term goal is to enable this person to become a web developer, by learning a wide range of skills including web hosting, DNS, website maintenance, website security, website development and understanding high quality website design. This entry level opportunity is for someone to join the …

How to achieve great PCI compliance for your e-commerce site?

Brandex Support Technology

Owning a business which sells online (ecommerce) can be a big win and also a big risk, something which PCI compliance aims to address. Once your site is able to capture customer details and take payments the risks from malicious damage become far higher than a static website.  The flow of payments between banks, credit/debit cards and payment platforms like …

Apple Versus Marketers Takes a New Turn with iCloud+

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In todays 2021 WWDC video the battle of Apple versus Marketers took a new turn. We are all plagued with email spam, and one technique which Apple is adopting (but not new) is to provide randomised email addresses which you use to sign-up for websites. By using a different randomised email address (such as carpet_bagger721@icloud.com) you can then tell who’s …

Third Party Cookies

Should Marketers be Scared of the End of Third Party Cookies?

Brandex Support Marketing, Technology

Third party cookies are the foundation on which online advertising is built. By allowing any company to trace, track and analyse your web travels, you become a well understood target for product and service promotion. Most or all websites contain scripts placed there by the builders which place cookies to record your activity. Consider a visit to an online shop …

covid roadmap

UK Covid Roadmap Overview – Version 1

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If you live in the UK and find the ‘escape from covid roadmap’ hard to follow, here’s a summary chart which is based on the most recent government announcement on this page here. If you want to send in corrections please do via the contact page. The steps along the way are conditional so we may see a revised time …

International Women’s Day 2021

Charlotte Willis Marketing

Female composure in the face of adversity has become increasingly visible throughout 2020 and into 2021. As we continue to live amid a global pandemic, many women attempt to balance the responsibilities that come with maintaining a household, forging a career, and looking after their own wellbeing as part of daily life. What would Brandex say to women considering a …

SharpSpring Customisable Contact Manager

SharpSpring: New Customisable Contact Manager

Charlotte Willis SharpSpring, Automation

SharpSpring continue to enhance their platform with features large and small. We wanted to pass on an update on a feature that has been released. If you’d like a demo the feature below just get in touch. Customisable Contact Manager Say “Hello” to Streamlined Contact Management The Contact Manager offers enhanced personalization features that keep your favorite fields front-and-center. Now, …

Back Links Matter

10 Tips to Plan a Positive Back Links Strategy

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Back links remains a key indicator to Google of the value of your content. Not only incoming links but outgoing links, these form a pattern like a road network leading to authoritative content. Top tips from the infographic below are: Do Put links in the body of a page (which have more value than in the footer) Tag links as …

Brandex team Charlotte

Brandex welcomes Charlotte to the team

Bill News

We are delighted to announce the arrival of a new marketing executive at Brandex. Charlotte Willis has joined the team at Brandex Group after graduating from the University of Sussex with a degree in Business and Management Studies (with Psychology Studies). Charlotte spent time as a summer intern with Brandex Publishing in 2019 and continued to work for the team …