What is The OTC Space?

The OTC Space selects and curates the most useful information and gives its readers ways to navigate information to suit their needs. Self-publishing for anyone is free, just visit The OTC Space to start adding to the dialogue.


Brandex Publishing is the new home for The OTC Space. We will be expanding our coverage of the capital markets and bringing new features to the website to engage readers and publishers alike.

Our business model will offer free access to anyone wanting to publish relevant content to our audience. We will also offer premium features to improve visibility and impact for those that want it.

By leveraging Brandex Group, Brandex Publishing is able to provide a broad range of marketing and PR services, supporting clients with integrated communications worldwide.


Use Free

  • Self-publish onto the site
  • Reach thousands of people
  • Improve your back-links for SEO
  • Distributed by email, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook

Use Premium

  • The benefits of Free plus upgrades such as:
  • Featured placement on the site
  • Lead generation
  • Interviews and stories about your business
  • Video
  • Banner advertising
  • Events
  • An integrated Contact form
  • Company and staff profiles on the site

Banner Advertising

  • Four locations
    • Leaderboard
    • Sidebar
    • Top MPU
    • Bottom MPU
  • All site wide or specific to a category

We can offer bespoke packages with

  • 100% slot share exclusivity
  • A design service for static or animated images
  • Any URL or UTM you need assigned

Ad Performance

A sample of recent banner adverts and their click through rates


Ad Reporting

For each complete banner campaign we send you:

  • The number of unique displays
  • The number of unique clicks
  • If you want it, the total displays and clicks (non unique)


Lead Generation

Here are four ways we can generate leads for your firm

Run a Webinar

A webinar always requires registration

  • Gather the data fields you desire from each registration
  • Deliver a professional and credible presentation
  • Track activity within the webinar on questions and votes


A recent webinar with Cassini Systems. Watch the replay here.

Hold an Event

Events give you face to face contact

  • Find out far more about real people
  • See immediate reaction to your content and messages
  • Gather registration data

A video of one session at a 2016 breakfast event.

Gated Content

Publish long form content and research on OTC Space or your own website

  • Make it compelling enough to require a form fill
  • Capture data on the person requesting the content
  • Track them via automation from then on

We can help generate content and publish it on OTC Space with a form for access. Require completion of a form to access the content. This gives you the chance to manually review who wants to see your content, and potentially decline requests from competitors.

Tracked Content

Publish blog posts, articles and opinion pieces on OTC Space

  • We require registration to access the content
  • We track the readers of your pieces
  • You get a detailed spreadsheet on the people accessing it

No form fill required, readers must login to the OTC Space website to access your content, and we do the tracking.

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Whether your project is tiny or huge, Brandex has the experience and capabilities to handle it. We love talking about new projects; ask us for ideas and advice.

branding & design

Visual design, logos, fonts, colour palettes,  print,  exhibitions, office interiors, websites


Audience analysis, core messages, elevator pitch, value proposition, competitor analysis


Strategy, authoring, copywriting, distribution


Conceptual design, wireframes and clickable prototypes, on-line stores, build, test, deployment and hosting, maintenance


Keyword analysis, traffic sources, search engine performance (seo), website analysis, paid traffic campaigns (such as pay-per-click, LinkedIn and Twitter)


Layered content strategy, landing pages, gated content, progressive profiling, on-line tracking, scoring, qualification and pipeline management

public relations

Media engagement, press releases, crisis management, content creation, awards

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