Back Links Matter

10 Tips to Plan a Positive Back Links Strategy

Brandex Support Marketing

Back links remains a key indicator to Google of the value of your content. Not only incoming links but outgoing links, these form a pattern like a road network leading to authoritative content. Top tips from the infographic below are:


  1. Put links in the body of a page (which have more value than in the footer)
  2. Tag links as ‘follow’ when they lead somewhere useful
  3. Provide links to other authoritative sites
  4. Solicit incoming links from high quality sites
  5. Create long form content
  6. Answer common questions such as Why? What?


  1. Don’t be deceptive and sneak links into your site using devious means
  2. Don’t hide links
  3. Don’t use poor quality affiliate content
  4. Don’t make fake adverts

The source for the infographic is over here.