An effective Marketing Campaign needs an effective Platform to run it

How do you plan your campaigns? Ad hoc with emails and tracking? Or do you plan a complete journey including messaging, delivery formats, tracking and integration with your sales pipeline?

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You can't argue with free! We will set your firm up with SharpSpring and show you how you can boost your marketing campaigns. Link your website to track visitors, send emails, promote gated content and see how lead scoring promotes qualified leads.
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Brandex Publishing is A SharpSpring Agency with Gold accrediation.

Brandex offers the full SharpSpring platform at a price which will beat other automation platforms - and the benefits of a smart agency behind it.

Our entry level service provides for 100,000 contacts and 25,000 email sends  at only a few hundred pounds per month.

Compare SharpSpring pricing with the competition, there's a big difference.

our campaign process


A perfect campaign leads your prospects through a story from the pain points they are suffering via the products and services you offer through to completed sales. The SharpSpring platform provides the tools to bring a campaign together including a team CRM platform, emails, forms, and automation, and then into a sales pipeline.

know your audience


With many campaigns content is needed to attract traffic and engage with your target audience. Your audience responds to personal and sometimes emotional writing to get a response.

  • What pain points are the experiencing?
  • What product or service would address those points?
  • Where can you reach them on-line or off-line?
  • What do you want them to hear from your firm?

target your content


If you are clear on the narrative, then delivering the story comes next. Combining text, illustrations and video across platforms will appeal to different individuals. 

  • Write the best story you can on why your product or service serves the needs of your prospects
  • Use a mix of words and pictures to engage individual preferences
  • Choose the right platform and the right format to engage prospects indirectly
  • Consider using paid advertising to target keywords and send traffic to your door

capture leads


Once you have the attention of your prospect - you need to find out what makes them tick.

  • Get them to respond to an email
  • Send them to your website
  • Offer them something useful as a reward for filling in a form
  • Once you do all this, your prospect can be tracked and scored

analyse behaviour


If you follow a structured campaign with a pre-planned journey, your website, emails and forms should enable you to know how interested someone is in your offerings.

  • Which pages did your prospect visit?
  • Which emails did they open?
  • Which forms did they fill in?
  • Combine this data into a score, from which you can create Qualified Leads
  • Use list segmentation to track progress through the campaign

valuable outcomes


With the wealth of information flowing into the SharpSpring platform, your marketing team should be able to deliver a flow of leads to the Sales team for the next stage of the process.

  • Use scoring to promote prospects to qualified leads
  • Use automation to nurture low scoring prospects
  • Use the sales pipeline to track progress
  • Use the team CRM platform to coordinate activity
  • Use segmentation to analyse groups of prospects

marketing automation

Brandex Publishing is a Silver Partner with SharpSpring, a cost effective automation platform.  SharpSpring gives insights into your leads to qualify them. Before you pick up the phone or send an email, be informed about their engagement with your firm.

Automation can:

  • Track prospects across your on-line platforms
  • Assign a score to their engagements
  • Provide customised intelligent nuturing
  • Track contacts, leads and prospects in an integrated team-based environment

Automation platforms are expensive. Read a feature and price report comparison between SharpSpring and five other platforms including HubSpot, Marketo, Act-on, Salesforce Pardot and InfusionSoft. Read the comparison report

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funnel planning


The marketing funnel is a useful framework for organising your campaigns. SharpSpring supports you through the entire process from marketing to sales including:

  • A team CRM database with unlimited users
  • Email, form, media and website tracking
  • Automated workflows
  • A sales pipeline with its own automation
  • Audience segmentation with dynamic lists

customer journey

Planning a campaign needs consideration on how you lead a prospect towards a sale. How do they learn about your business and your products or services? What formats are best for that audience? How does your firm interact with the prospective lead?

  • Consider the questions your prospects will ask
  • What do you expect the prospect to do?
  • What should your team be doing?
  • What formats make the best impact for this campaign? (Writing, pictures, video, tweets etc)
  • How does the messaging change as they move through the process?
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