Startups Need Help With Marketing

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An interesting survey gathered feedback from nearly 2,000 startup businesses. You can read the feedback from the survey over here. [Sadly the report has been removed]. The overwhelming conclusion was that startups need help:

  • They need marketing experience and skills, which don’t always have
  • They need to spend more time on marketing, as their primary effort goes into the launch of their business

In my experience of talking to early stage businesses, there’s an interesting tension between the founders view of their new business, and an objective view from a third party like ourselves.  Whilst the founders have a vested interest in the outcome of their business, helping them see how they fit in a competitive market, with the right messages to differentiate what they’re doing, is valuable feedback.

Everyone needs to see the wider picture, even us, and that means considering:

  • How would you describe your business in one sentence?
  • Does that sentence attract someone to read more?
  • If so, what would be the next three sentences you’d use to hook them?
  • Make the right first impression – it’s easy to put up a cheap and quick website, but professional design can make a big difference to perceptions
  • How soon do you establish your business case in the minds of prospects? Finding out what chance you stand of making sales early on, and disrupting incumbents, might save money in the long run

65% of people in the survey said it made sense to engage an external agency to handle marketing, so they could focus their time on the business. For startups, waiting until you’ve spent your millions on building a business may be too late if the value proposition isn’t delivered early enough, and validated with potential customers.

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