International Women's Day 2021

March 2021

Female composure in the face of adversity has become increasingly visible throughout 2020 and into 2021. As we continue to live amid a global pandemic, many women attempt to balance the responsibilities that come with maintaining a household, forging a career, and looking after their own wellbeing as part of daily life. Find out more

Price Bailey Content Hub

october 2020

Brandex was asked by award-winning accountancy and business advisory firm, Price Bailey, to design and build a bespoke digital Content Hub. Find out more

Cart Abandonment

September 2020


Cart abandonment runs at a high rate on e-commerce sites. Find out why it happens and 5 ways to tackle it.  Find out more

Cassini Systems Re-Brand

july 2019


Brandex worked with Cassini Systems to completely refresh their visual appearance. The new branding was applied to document templates, business cards, and a new website.  Find out more

The RSPB: The Future of the Little Tern
January 2019

In August 2018, Brandex was approached by our friends at the RSPB to produce all of the collateral for an exciting and vitally important conservation project.  Find out more

The 3C Model Applied to Marketing

Autumn 2018


We are often approached by firms asking questions about brand strategy. A good place to start is the Three Cs – Customers, Company and Competition. Find out more

The OTC Space Joins Brandex Group

Spring 2018

The OTC Space, the provider of news and analysis in the OTC Derivatives market, has joined the Brandex Group of companies, the marketing and communications specialists. Find out more

featured Posts

The new procedure for exchanging business cards under GDPR
8th January 2018
I tried out this new approach at the end of a meeting yesterday, to see how it felt to follow GDPR when I exchanged business cards with new contacts: Find out more
Does GDPR apply to your personal contacts and address book?
10th January 2018
We all use our computers and phones to store and use each others email addresses and phone numbers, but how is that affected by GDPR? Find out more

Can Companies Still Cold Call Under the GDPR?

5th January 2018

Where does cold calling fit with the new privacy laws? Find out more

Site Photography Done Well

4th September 2018

Take a look at the colour matched headshots for OpenGamma Find out more

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