Web Technology Apprentice Vacancy

Brandex Support Recruitment, Technology

Brandex would like to add a Web Technology Apprentice to our web technology team. The long term goal is to enable this person to become a web developer, by learning a wide range of skills including web hosting, DNS, website maintenance, website security, website development and understanding high quality website design.

This entry level opportunity is for someone to join the team, be exposed to many different types of technology and learn as much as possible.

Brandex has designed, built and deployed multiple WordPress and Umbraco websites for many different organisations. We run sites for global organisations and also high street businesses and aim to deliver sites which are the best they can be.

The Brandex group contains people who specialise in marketing strategy, brand development, design, web technology, traffic generation and all things related to digital marketing. The Norwich office is the focus for the team with members spread over the Southeast & Southwest working remotely.

We are looking for candidates who:

  • Can demonstrate previous efforts to create websites
  • May have awareness or experience of popular web CMS platforms, in particular WordPress
  • Have studied IT and have awareness of servers, networks, DNS and internet security
  • Have competence in one or more programming languages
  • Understanding, awareness or competence in HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • Is available to work in central London or West Somerset

Please send to us:

  • A PDF of your CV
  • A second PDF addressing our requirements above

Brevity and focus is all that is required in your response along with your career aspirations.

Send your documents to bill.hodgson@brandexpublishing.co.uk. This is a full time role with salary, paid holiday and benefits package.

Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash