Who is the Lionel Richie of Marketing?

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It might be Andy Ross, CEO of CurveGlobal, here’s why:

  • Their monthly emails (below) display a subtle mix of content – brave in some cases
  • The benefits come top. Did you know about the ‘F’ scan pattern? If you don’t hook a reader in the first few lines, they won’t read much further
  • The email is personal. Each email carries Andy’s smiling face and personality within
  • Then an example of a problem / solution pair. A practical example of using their platform
  • Honesty: CurveGlobal have shown their open interest graph from early on. When you have an uphill battle to win market share, showing reality is brave. Hiding reality looks devious – be honest.
  • Show some personality: Mixing your sales messages with entertainment expands your perception of their people. Not everyone feels comfortable with this approach. How do you feel about this section?
  • Relevant news stories: Including some news stories shows the team are aware of the market around them. This also broadens the reasons to scan the whole email to see what you might have missed.
  • And finally a call-to-action including ‘improving this newsletter’.
I support their approach. Pushing sales messages in every email soon switches people off. Give them more reasons to accept email, not less.
And why ‘Lionel Ritchie?’ – some genius decided to send out these emails on Sunday morning – avoiding the deluge of email we all receive during the week. If your firm wants help with email marketing, get in touch. But not on Sunday morning thanks.
P.S. – And also the animated header – nice.


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